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Day 22: A Book That Makes You Cry
Day 22: A Book That Makes You Cry
Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

I agree with Stormtrooper Pony this is a little repetitive. The books that make me sad also make me cry. Crazy huh?


So in order not to repeat myself I'll throw in a book that made me cry because HORMONES ARE WEIRD. When I read this book I had just had a baby (who'll be a year old next week!!) and this fucked me up for a while due to all the lovely hormones and crazy-brain-times motherhood gives you.


Steelheart has a wonderful scene of a mother holding a newborn that a super villain TURNS INTO AN ASHY SKELETON IN HER HANDS. You guys! A tiny baby skeleton and all I could think about is my baby and how I would just die if that happened to me. Which I know is really unlikely, but isn't that what a good book is supposed to do?


I actually had to put the book down it affected me so. And then when I picked it back up there was another scene with the mother TRYING TO PUT HER BABY BACK TOGETHER. Crying over her dead ashy baby right before a villain killed her too.


...I mean, really? It was one of the worst things I could have read as a new mother. I'm surprised that I even managed to finish the book, the prologue fucked with my emotions so much.

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