Book Reports and Glory Holes

I read pretty much anything, but genre fiction is my great love in life.


Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

The Snorks and the Waterwitch - Ormonde De Kay Miss Piggy's Guide to Life - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil (A Golden Fragrance Book) - Anna Jane Hays Swan Lake - Mark Helprin, Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress), Chris Van Allsburg The Pink Motel - Carol Ryrie Brink This Island Isn't Big Enough for the Four of Us! - Gery Greer, Bob Ruddick
Day 10 - A book that reminds you of home
Day 10 - A book that reminds you of home

I lived at home for a long time (no college dorm room for me) so every book I read before the age of 25 reminds me of home. But these are the big ones, the ones that I read with my parents when I couldn't read by myself, the ones we read together, and the ones I was able to recite from memory.


They remind me of when I was little enough to snuggle with my Mom and escape into a story, so for me that's home.



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The Legend of Eli Monpress
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Raising Steam
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Reader and Raelynx
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The Hunter
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