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Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

Raising the Dead (Past Midnight, #1.5) - Mara Purnhagen I got this book for free off of Amazon. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, so this was my first exposure. On the whole I liked this novella. The plot was interesting, and I like that it’s a fantasy book with only little touches of fantasy…BUT I have this thing with books, I like them to stay constant with plot and character throughout. I don’t like to have to flip back and confirm things, which sadly this book did in a big way. We meet a man named William who owns the graveyard that has most of the action in this book. He apparently either lies about his personal past or somebody did a shoddy editing job. Exhibit AHe [William] explained that his grandmother had started the book and passed the duty down to his mother. “And now it’s mine, but I haven’t had much to add. Military records, a few pictures of my grandchildren.” Then when the main characters are talking about him after he got hurt they made off-hand comments about how they don’t think he has any family. Which is honestly excusable because he only told one person (our main character Charlotte) and why would she tell anyone? Until Charlotte goes to take care of William at home and he says this to herExhibit B“You’ve been so kind to me,” he began. “My wife and I were never lucky enough to have children. But if I could choose a granddaughter…”So William has grandkids, but never had kids of his own? How am I the only person to find this! It pissed me off so much I finished the rest of the book with a very critical eye, and while the rest of the story was good I was just too mad at the inconsistency to enjoy it. This is type of stuff that drives me mad!

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