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I read pretty much anything, but genre fiction is my great love in life.


Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later - Francine Pascal HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Now can we have a Baby-Sitters Club reunion book plz? -----Ok, so honestly I have no clue where to begin with this book. I read Sweet Valley Kids and Twins when I was younger (what girl didn’t?) but I never really like SVH or SVU because everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, was a bunch of petty, back-stabbing, assholes. It’s nice to see Sweet Valley hasn’t changed that much, because I found this book equal parts hilarious, disturbing, and just plain bad! I have the Kindle edition and I don’t think I’ve ever used the highlighting feature this much before. Every other sentence was a poorly-crafted gem of epic proportions. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in a long time, this book is insane that way. It completely passes by “so-bad-it’s-good” territory twice to come to a stop at “it’s-so-so-SO-bad-it’s–frickin’-unbelievable-and-hilarious”. If you ever read a Sweet Valley book before and you didn’t immediately burn it or put it down you’ll probably like this addition, if only for shits n’ giggles. Seriously the drama gets ramped up 50 notches and the crazy is back in full force. I highly recommend that you have a highlighter nearby so that you can pick out your favorite parts of the book. ------I'm totally serious about the BSC reunion book. That series is wayyyyy better.

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