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Delirium (Delirium #1) - Lauren Oliver If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘basic bitch’. If you haven’t, the urban dictionary defines it as “one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant”. That is exactly what this book is, it’s a basic book. It’s trying to ride the tide of popularity that dystopian YA novels have been receiving recently, and it just fails in comparison. The idea is very interesting (government mandated lobotomies) but it just fails in execution, not unlike another dystopia I read recently *cough*Bumped*cough*.This book suffered from poor world building issues, that raised some questions but never answer them. Why did the government choose love instead of hate, what exactly happened to make electricity and fuel scarce, if you don’t allow population trade between cities why is there no restriction on the population growth? Writers really do need to have a reason for their dystopias other than “Eh, some scientist dude fixed people of love, and they lined up out the door for this cure. So now we force it on everybody because.” On the plus side, the writing was well done, so even though I had issues with the book, I still wanted to keep reading to find out what happened. Lena really did feel like a stupid-in-love 17 year old, and her voice was totally believable. Alex was your typical post-Twilight perfect boy with a little Invalid bad boy edge. Hana was an awesome friend who went through as much (if not more) character growth as the main character. I have to say I much preferred the Lena-Hana relationship compared to the Lena-Alex one. On the whole, it was an enjoyable read, but I won't be reading the next two in this series. Recommend for readers who like taylor swift and think their love is so perfect and pure it's doomed to fail and they will write a love song about it.

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