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Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1) - Kimberly Derting I liked this book for what it was. I wouldn't strictly call it a dystopia, even though that's what it's most like. It's kind of a mish-mash of dystopia/fantasy/sci-fi(ish), but the author made it work. I was really interested in the idea of language being part of the class barriers, which is why I picked this book up. I’m from the South (y’all!), so I understand the fact that others may judge you based on the language or dialect that you speak. I thought that the differences between the classes and languages were handled very well. I found the fact that you could insult someone without them being allowed to understand you, to be a new take on dystopian plots about class differences, which I was pleased by. I liked that the teenagers seemed very realistic and grounded in their reality. Some of the plot twists you can see coming a mile away, but I thought they were very well handled for a YA book. I enjoyed the revelations about Charlaina, and the romance that developed between her and Max, and I will definitely read the sequel when it comes out.

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