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I read pretty much anything, but genre fiction is my great love in life.


Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives - Véronik Avery, Sara  Cameron Knitting Classic Style is great knitting resource for some of the most basic and timeless patterns in knitting. It has patterns for an Argyle Vest and Socks, a Cashmere Twinset and two types of Cardigans. The books been divided into four sections: Fashion Mavens, Tomboys, Global Travelers, and Thrill Seekers. Sadly I haven’t knit anything from the book yet (not enough time to knit and read) but I do have a few favorite patterns from the book. Strawberry Lace Wrap Cardigan – I love love LOVE this cardigan. I would wear the shit out of this, it looks really comfy and casual which is totally my style. It’s not exactly the most original pattern, I’ve seen variations in other places, but it’s a great classic pattern. Little Girls A-Line Jacket – This is just adorable, with a cute little hood and bobbles all around the wrists. I would definitely make this for my daughter when she gets older. Aspen Top-Down Sweater – This is the sweater on the cover, and it’s lovely and looks really fun to knit. I don’t know how I would look in it, but it’s really cute. Regal Afghan Slippers – Oh god these look really comfy and warm. Maybe I shouldn’t review these in the middle of winter but I wish I had a pair of these right now. I love a thick knitted bootie!Latvian Fingerless Mitts – Colorwork! These are so pretty and colorful. I would love to knit these even though the thought of all those floats is making my head hurt. *Disclaimer* I received a free ARC of the book from NetGalley.

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