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Rincewind is my spirit animal, which says it all really.

Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines This book is coming out in a few days and I have no clue how to review it, other than to say "BUY IT!". If you're like me, and grew up on books ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to mystery and horror, you'll love this book. If you were the kid whose teachers told you to go play during recess instead of reading a book, you'll love this book. If you were best friends with your public and school librarians, you'll love this book. This is a book for all of us who grew up dreaming of being able to live in books, who wanted to be as heroic as our favorite characters, and just wished real life could be as exciting as life inside a novel. The books is as awesome as it sounds: we follow a seemingly unimpressive Libriomancer called Issac as he tries to save the world from crazy vampires, but even if the basic plot isn't enough to draw you in, the writing is just good. It's everything you want a fantasy novel to be...funny, weird, slightly sexy, and just plain enjoyable. Even though I got this as an ARC through the GoodReads First Reads giveaway, I'll still probably buy this book and it's sequels in hardback...which will mean that I'll need another bookcase. But it's totally worth it for one of the best fantasy novels I read in years. ----------Disclaimer: I did get an ARC of this from a GR giveaway and also due to how cool he seems online I am developing a fan crush on Mr. Hines. So, y'know, take everything I said with a grain of salt. Chances are you'll love the book anyways though. ----------Just won a free copy of this book from the GoodReads giveaway! Very excited to read this book as it sounds really cool, and Jim C Hines is the awesome guy who did those hilarious PNR and UF cover mock-ups, so I'm half in love with him already =)

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